Monday, February 9, 2009

What a Day! (at work)

Jacob is a Deacon! I only have one more to go...boy I'm getting old :)

I have been working at H&R Block for tax season preparing taxes. As a preparer, I am payed 100% commission but take a draw on my commission per hour so that I get some pay before the end of season. I've been keeping a daily total and figuring my hourly commission--today I made $50.60 per hour! If I could just keep that up for three months :) Unfortunately it slows down considerably in another couple of weeks.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Doesn't my new quote (below the blog name) just fit Montana? The snow here hasn't completely melted since...November? I think?

This week...

The kids did great in the performance of Hansel and Gretal--but we forgot the camera. Stephen and Jacob sang more loudly and clearly than I have ever heard them sing (a good thing to do with solos). Stephen has a beautiful bass voice. Getting ready for this took all my free time for the week. I wasn't told that we would have to find our own costumes until about a week and a half ago, so we were still tracking down stuff.

Jacob had his Primary President interview to move out of primary and will be having his Bishop's interview on Wednesday to become a Deacon. He turns 12 on Friday. He is so excited to move on from Primary. In this ward the 12 year olds move out of Primary completely on their birthday--Sunday School and everything. If we move again when our lease is up, he will probably have to go back to Primary for an hour each Sunday in our new ward until January. He will not be happy.