Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Start of Our School Year...

Well...we're definitely having a slow start.

Our scripture study stuff from Book of Mormon Discovery was lost in the mail and we had to re-order. I forgot to change our mailing address with Paypal and the Livingston Post Office did not forward the package. I knew they wouldn't. Livingston is notorious for loosing mail. I still haven't gotten the new cd.

Rainbow Resource also sent me a cd of Bible Geography instead of World Geography and I had to send it back and wait for the right one to come. It did come yesterday.

I have been doing math with everyone, writing with Sarah and Jacob, and reading with Sarah and Joe. The rest will probably have to wait until after Missoula Children's Theatre September 8th-12th since next week is a short week anyway (Labor Day). At least the kids are happy :)

Seminary started today for Stephen and Shane. They have all 3 wards meet together, but separate them according to grade. Stephen is fine with that, but Shane now has no one to compete with--last year his goal was to always beat the Seniors in whatever they were doing. And he usually did. Maybe they will all come together for some things.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New School Year

Glacier was fun and beautiful. There is everything from mountains to plains and from desert to 5" shy of rain forest all within the boundaries. The mountain goats come right up to the cars up in the pass.

Now time to get the school year ready and start a little at a time. We started math this week. We will start one thing a week until we have it all going.

I let Stephen choose something for us all to study this year...he chose World Geography. We are using Trail guide to World Geography along with a few of the supplements that it recommends.

Stan has decided to help with science this year--he is teaching the older four Chemistry one night a week (and making level appropriate assignments for the rest of the week).

Along with Seminary, Scouts, and Duty to God, this is all the core subjects that Stephen and Shane will do.

Jessica and Jacob are going to use a workbook from Book of Mormon Discovery to help them with a study of Latter-Day Prophets.

Joseph and Sarah will be working through Learning to Read Using the Book of Mormon for reading--the others will be reading their choice of books from the library. Along with some handwriting (for the youngers), Faith in God, Personal Progress, and Cub Scouts that's about all that I will plan out for them. They all read a lot on their own and writing assignments will be in everything.