Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Laugh

You've got to see this :) lol :) A lady is selling Pokemon Cards on EBay--not so funny but her reason for doing it is :)

And here's the lady's blog that sold the Pokemon Cards on EBay. She's definitely another one that I will want to read everyday. Her writing reminds me of Pioneer Woman.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Update

The boys went on their hike...they had plenty of food, the lightest packs out of the whole group, and only the adults got any blisters.

Jessi's volleyball was delayed until next week.

Stan and I had planned to go to Billings overnight for our anniversary (18 years :), but decided not to leave the kids for that long. We went to dinner and a movie--No Reservations--which was pretty good. Stan liked it even though it was a chick flick. Then Stan took me to the MSU farm and to let me pick a kitten. There were two very little black ones. I picked one up and Stan picked up the other, and they both cried. Stan took mine and they immediately stopped crying (cute!). We decided to take them both. Daisy wants to play with them but doesn't try to hurt them, and they are not afraid of her so it seems to be working out. On Friday, since Stan already had the day off from work, we went to Yellowstone (I'll add pictures later). We went to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone first and then came back by the Old Faithful side of the park.